Championship Winning Comer C50 Kart race engine preparation, service, rental and dyno testing

Force Motorsport is a race and championship kart engine tuner for Comer C50 Kart race engines. Our service for Comer C50 kart engines includes preparation, service, rental and dyno testing.

The Comer C50 is known in the Bambino Industry and currently holds the British Bambino Championship title and is the only engine that is allowed to be used in the Motorsport UK (MSA) Bambino championship.

Comer C50 Kart Race Engine Technical Specification

The Comer C50 G 2-stroke Bambino engine is a 2-stroke single cylinder cooled by forced air, an aluminium-NIKASIL cylinder, a piston port inlet system, one gear with centrifugal springs clutch and pull start:

  • All spares are available to buy
  • Bore x Stroke 40 x 38mm
  • Max Power 2HP at 6500g/min
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Dell Orto Bowl type Carburettor
  • 25:1 Oil to fuel Mix
  • Single Cylinder 2 Stroke
  • Forced Air cooling aluminium cylinder
  • Piston Port type suction
  • Single Edged spring cenrifuge clutch
  • Pull Start
  • Transmission Pinion Z10 – 219 Pitch

If you are ordering a new Comer C50 kart engine with Force Motorsport, it will come delivered with seals on the crankcases and cylinder and will also include a log book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – our engines have won multiple championships and race wins.  The first thing we’ll do is put your engine on the dyno to see where it currently is in terms of performance.  We’ll then rebuild it using manufacturer approved parts and put it back on the dyno to see the performance difference.  Other than put it in reverse, we’ll try lots of different parts and carbs to make sure you have the best kart engine from the available parts.

Yes – we have a direct relationship with the manufacturers, so you can buy your new kart engine through us.  We’ll take delivery of your engine and immediately put in on the dyno to review performance changes we can make to give you a race winning engine.

Yes – as well and selling new C50 Comer Kart Engines, we also rent them.  You get the same high performance engine from Force Motorsport, whether you buy or rent the engine from us.