Approved Rotax Service Centre | What does it mean?

Does it matter if I used an Approved Rotax Service Centre for my kart racing engine?

Approved Rotax Max Service Centre

If you are the owner of a Rotax engine for kart racing, whether it be a Rotax Max, Rotax Junior, Rotax Mini Max, Rotax Micro Max kart race engine, you’ll notice a seal on the engine. This prevents the engine being tampered with and ensures any work done on your kart engine is performed by an Approved Rotax specialist. Without the seal being present on your engine you won’t be able to compete in Rotax events and championships.

An Approved Rotax Centre, of which Force Motorsport is, ensures that any work you have done on your engine including rotax engine rebuild, an engine fiche and tuning, are performed within the permitted tolerances allowed by Rotax themselves. Each engine tuner with the Approved Rotax Service Centre badge pays JAG Rotax in the UK for the license and also ensure the legality of each engine.

If the seal needs removing for work to take place, a new seal will be applied to the engine after the work is completed and you’ll get a new stamp in your book with the corresponding new seal. It’s important to keep your log book update to date and with you when you attend races as you’ll need it for scrutineering.

Get in touch if you’d like one of our Approved Rotax Service Centre engineers to take a look at your Rotax engine. From Rotax Max, Rotax Junior, Rotax Mini Max to Rotax Micro Max kart race engines, we can provide you with a full re-build or a top end only re-build for any Rotax kart racing engine. We can also dyno your own Rotax Kart engine against one of our team engines to get a view of where it lacks power and we can fiche engines for maximum performance. As a Rotax Approved Service Centre, we also sell all types of Rotax Kart Racing Engine, including engines for Rotax Max, Rotax Junior, Rotax Mini Max, and Rotax Micro Max.